Annas erster Schiss zusammen mit ihrer Chefin (Toiletstool)

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Annas erster Schiss zusammen mit ihrer Chefin (Toiletstool)

Beitrag von TheMagician97 »

Diese Geschichte der 30jährigen Österreicherin Anna fand vor der anderen statt, aber ich habe sie erst später gefunden.

Yesterday i was attending a conference with my boss and some other coworkers. Shortly after lunch i felt that i was about time to go toilet to do my bm. I headed as fast as i could to the ladies room. Not because it was that urgent, but i was a bit worried to make it in time in break.

The conference was in a big hotel complex I have never been before.

The ladies room was very big with lots of stalls and it smelled quite fresh.

The toilet was almost empty. Only 2 stalls were in use. I took on stall far away from the used stalls. Looked the door, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. After I sat on the toilet I could hear the door open and could hear a lady heading straight to the stall next to me.

I found this behavior a bit weird, there were so many free stalls and that person, took the stall right next to me.

As the stalls had small gaps on the ground i could see the shoes of the lady and as the lady was wearing similar shoes then my boss Renate wears, i thought it could be her.

Suddenly her smart phone rang, and she answered it. Said she will call back later because she was on the toilet. Then i knew it really was Renate.

I felt a bit embarrassed now, but couldn't wait any longer because the pressure became rather strong. So i started to push and a loud fart exploded into the toilet. Then i did firm log and then i peed rather long.

During peeing I could hear Renate grunt, and then some loud plops, a big fart and some more plops. A strong poop smell came from her stall, Combined with my own strong smell, the toilet was stinking bad now.

Then Renate wiped a few times then she flushed. I pretended not to be ready and waited with my own wiping and flushing till she left the ladies room after washing her hands.

Then I wiped myself 7 times, flushed and left the toilet myself.

I am not sure if Renate recognized me as well. But as I could recognize her it is possible that she recognized me too...

Hope you liked my story.

Greetings from Austria