Thanksgiving travel paruresis

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Thanksgiving travel paruresis

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Von einem jungen Mädchen namens Carin (natürlich aus

Me and my dad got an early start (4 a.m.) on our Thanksgiving drive to my grandparents. My mom rented a car and left three days earlier on the 5 hour drive. Dad likes the Interstate in the dark because he can make better time, but I thought it was humorous at our first bathroom break (an hour into the trip)that the bathrooms were not heated at that hour and it was like 35 degrees out. We were the only car at the bathrooms. I could tell Dad had to crap because he let off a couple of large farts while driving. I don't think he thought I could hear them over my music, but I did. As for me, I used the stop as a pee break because I know he doesn't like to make repeated stops. He jokes that mom has a bladder of a peanut because she wants him to stop too many times. So I pretty much ran up the sidewalk to the bathroom building because I was too lazy to put my coat on. No one else was in there so I just picked the first open door, closed it, lowered my jeans and underwear, and seated myself. It seemed like I was sitting on an ice cube at first. Where was the heat? But my mid-yellow pee started and when I spread my legs and looked between them I could see bubbles on top of bubbles forming in the water. As soon as I stood up the auto-flush kicked in. Thank god, the hot water felt good on my hands. When I shut it off, I could hear Dad's toilet flushing on the other side of the wall. Back in the car, it was no surprise that the first words out of his mouth was the his butt was frozen like a log. He mumbled about filing a complaint with the DOT or withholding our tax money, but I knew he wouldn't follow through.

Our second stop came about an hour and a half later. My crap was knocking. I had only done about half of what I had expected the previous day at school, so I knew this was going to be a larger one. Dad teased me about another stop and that the seat was probably going to be just as cold. I told him at places like school since I am often replacing someone on the stool, the seats get warmed up pretty fast. (A couple of times a day the top windows are opened to let out the cigarette smoke and other smells). This time he parked next to a red pickup so I could tell there were visitors nearby. Sure enough there were. Upon entering another cold bathroom, I saw the second stall was taken. There were pajamas and bathroom slippers swinging about. They were about an inch off the floor so I knew it was a child. I wasn't about to check the eight or nine other toilets out with my crap starting to turtlehead. So I opened the first stall, seated myself (yes it was cold) and none too soon. I don't think I used 10 percent of my push power to get the well-formed piece to exit. Quickly a second and third exited. I looked at the toilet paper roll and was mad at myself for not looking sooner. Only the cardboard core remained. I had heard a couple of car honks, but knew from the sound it wasn't ours. Then a woman's voice was nearing as she called for Melissa to get the ******* hell out here so they wouldn't be any later. Now I could hear the girl crying out that it hurt bad but she still couldn't pee. I felt so bad for the girl, but instead of encouraging here, the mother was attacking her verbally and I felt, making the situation worse. The mom threw Melissa's door open, yanked her off the toilet, and was telling her to get her clothing up as she was dragged out to the truck. I wasn't about to ask for a couple of sheets of wiping paper.

Instead, I flushed and waddled next door, took the warm seat and cleaned myself. Dad knew there was a problem as the mom was yelling at the girl in the parking lot. They had driven off by the time I got to the car. I told Dad how sorry I felt for the girl and he explained Paruresis to me. He said that back in the 1970s when he was that age his pediatrician was helpful in getting him through Paruresis and that hopefully this girl would get the necessary help.

I sure hope so. Her mom wasn't doing anything positive to help her, though.