Einer der ersten Posts auf toiletstool.com

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Einer der ersten Posts auf toiletstool.com

Beitragvon TheMagician97 » 27 Dez 2016, 18:38

Von einer Nutzerin namens Jessica

An odd thing happened while I was pooping today.

As I was pushing the first log out of my butt, as usual, I was enjoying
the erotic sensations it was giving me. My hole stretched wider and wider
with every centimeter of log that came out. But here's the odd thing... I
knew I had some gas inside me, building up behind the log currently
slithering out of my hole. I figured it would just spew out after the
poop had exited, but that wasn't the case.

While I was pushing and undulating with the rhythm of my anal activity, a
little squeal sounded from the toilet. (Wheeeze!) Somehow the gas
escaped while the poop was still stuck in my butthole!!! It was the
funniest sound you ever did hear! I figure what happened was that as
thick and slimy as the log was, it still possessed a flaw in its texture
which broke the airtight seal between itself and the inside of my hole,
causing the gas to escape.

When the gas came out, I could feel its warmth on my stretched sphincter.
But of course the feeling of having my anus intruded and stretched by my
own chocolates was still the major pleasuring factor in this pooping
session. After the log exited and I gathered my senses, a litle more poop
and gas did happen to come out too.

A little later in the day, I had to poop again. What I'd like to mention
here is that I realized it's not only the anal stretching and massaging
that makes pooping so wonderful; but I also will sometimes receive a lot
of pleasure the instant the poop is ejected and my anus collapses back to
its minimized state. This contraction of the anal muscles is very erotic,
because it combines a sexual pleasure with the relief of releasing poop.
I would like you all to email me to briefly explain not only how sexually
arousing it is to poop (such as on a scale from one to ten), but also
what your favorite part of pooping is. (For example, the anticipation,
the anal contractions, the post-release relief, etc.) I'm curious to know
just how much my thoughts may parallel the thoughts of others on this
subject. Thanks! Later, poopers!


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Registriert: 26 Jun 2016, 11:09
Wohnort: München

Re: Einer der ersten Posts auf toiletstool.com

Beitragvon TheMagician97 » 01 Dez 2017, 18:35

Der Post stammt aus dem Jahre 1996.

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